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TwinWest Announces 2013 Small Business Awards Finalists

The TwinWest Chamber of Commerce has officially announced the finalists for the Entrepreneur of the Year and Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year.

Our Founder & CEO Cindy Leines took home the 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and we’re proud to be the design sponsor of this year’s Small Business Awards. CEL’s Brand Specialist & Designer Scott Rogers took part in the creative work for the design, and he shared some insight on why he chose this look.

Originally inspired by the Masters tournament, Scott felt a strong connection between golf and business. “The graphic design reflected the rich, classic tradition of major golf tournaments with a warm and inviting feel,” shared Scott. “I created the logo in a crest style to give the look of a tournament or country club emblem. That classic look was followed through all the design materials.”

“With the ethics and etiquette instilled in golf, I found the same traits to be true in running an honest business. Just like the Masters, the Small Business Awards is a gathering of the very best in the game. It is a time when TwinWest recognizes those who are business leaders and true, successful entrepreneurs. That’s what brought me the idea for the name ‘The Entrepreneur Open.’”

Golf and business alike require integrity, honesty, and hard work – a perfect match for this year’s theme.


Published on: May 6, 2013