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Can AOL Make a Successful Comeback?

Do you remember the powerhouse digital media company that once was America Online, or better known as AOL? It was the company that introduced many of us to instant messaging, e-mail and celebrity gossip. Tim Armstrong, AOL’s Chief Executive, certainly remembers. He is set on bringing AOL back from its glory days.  A recent article from the Star Tribune shares the details of AOL’s next plans.

Considering the plunge of stock market value and quarterly loss after loss, AOL is serious about rebuilding itself. Acquiring the Huffington Post was the first step of Armstrong’s strategy. He is committed to leading his team on a strategic rebranding mission.

CEL’s Graphic Designer and Branding Specialist, Scott Rogers, says that when it comes to rebranding, “You can think outside the box and create something that stands out, but don’t bring it to a new artistic level that people won’t understand.” Rogers mentioned that AOL should always consider their target market in their effort to rebrand. “In the end, you should know your audience and consider a branding that will not become outdated and stale quickly.”

Acquiring the Huffinton Post is just an initial step in Armstrong’s strategy. Armstrong, former top Google ad executive, says it will take until 2013 before they are as strong as planned.

Published on: August 17, 2011