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Keep Your Promise to Help Your Reputation Soar

Keep Your Promise to Help Your Reputation Soar

Are you lovin’ it at McDonald’s? Is State Farm there when you need them? Is Coors Light really the world’s most refreshing beer? How would you actually know, unless you try every other beer on the market? If you do, please let us know what you find out!

What’s your brand’s reputation? Are you living up to your promise?

At CEL, we bring your message to the marketplace in a creative, effective and lasting way. Is there room to enhance the deliverables behind that promise? Certainly! And, we strive to do that everyday. Do we ever waver on our commitment to upholding our brand reputation? Never!

Ask yourself how you deliver your brand promise on a daily basis and what impact has it had on your brand reputation. Why do your customers come to you and what keeps them coming back? Here are three steps to assess and enhance your brand reputation:

1. Keep your brand promise top of mind across your staff. Post it. Speak it. Live it.

2. Chart your brand reputation. Do it for three months, logging stars for compliments and checks for criticisms.

3. Make necessary adjustments. Tweak the promise and/or tweak the behavior behind it.

Remember that brand promises can make history. Take Spirit Airlines for example! They promise “Less Money. More Go.” However, according to a recent article in PR Daily, travelers are continually frustrated by more money spent every time they turn around. In the meantime, Air Transport World Magazine named Spirit the Value Airline of the Year. Is it really a good value to fly Spirit with all of the extra charges and alleged late arrivals and cancelled flights? Experience tells us that low prices will keep their business soaring for the near future, but after while, their brand reputation will crash due to bad customer service.

Suffice it to say that we never encourage our clients to sacrifice quality for low pricing, but rather encourage authentic good value and over-delivering on the brand promise. These practices will continue to enhance your brand reputation.

Published on: April 7, 2015