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Social Authority For Business – 3 Ways To Become The ‘Expert’ While Generating Leads And Sales

experts onlyThe best way to generate sales and leads online is to position yourself as a subject matter expert – we call this, “Social Authority.”

Of course, there are several ways you can do that. Here are three ways you can become an expert in your niche while generating a lot of leads and sales for your business:

  1. Become a blogger – You may be sick and tired of hearing about blogging, but you have knowledge and expertise. So share it. Your blog is the perfect place to freely share your knowledge with your potential clients. If you say important and valuable things, then people will listen to what you say. They will follow you on all the important social networks, they will share your blog posts with their friends, and they will do business with you. Your blog is your platform. It’s also the door to your social authority.
  2. Share valuable resources on your social media accounts – Instead of using your social media accounts to talk about yourself, use them to talk about others. Promote valuable third-party resources through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Promote causes and community organizations and events you are passionate about. If you find an audience that appreciates the value you bring to social media, then they will share and re-share your information and connect with you more. They will eventually become your customers.
  3. Connect, Listen and Engage – Plain and simple, the way you build a platform is to connect, listen and engage. You must connect with others on social media. Don’t just post links. Even if you are posting valuable content links, if that’s all you do, then you are missing opportunities. The real road to expert status is to connect with others. After you’ve connected, listen to what people have to say. Do you know what they want, what they expect, what they need? Thirdly, engage your audience with meaningful conversation. This takes the connection to an all new level. Don’t settle for shallow social media relationships. Go in deep.

If you combine blogging with the best of social media conversational marketing tactics, then you will be amazed at what you can achieve.


Published on: July 23, 2013