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Who Is Your Hero?

Who is your hero? Heroes have a special meaning to each person whose life they impact. Whether they have touched our lives briefly or have been there every step of the way, we all have a hero. Take a moment to think about who that hero is and what they mean to you. What hero has helped you through your challenges? What did they say to you that keeps you grounded? How have they influenced you to be extraordinary? Whether well-known or unsung, all heroes have the power to inspire. Take that inspiration and inspire someone else, and maybe you can become someone’s hero today.

Take it from Robby Novak, Kid President, when he says, “Heroes are made when ordinary people like you and me decide to be extraordinary.”



This one goes out to all the heroes – the kids and the grownups who are doing extraordinary things to make the world more awesome. Who is your hero? Share this video with them!

Kid President, Robby Novak, is an American personality who has been featured in television and the Youtube channel, SoulPancake. In this video, he gives a pep talk on how to be a hero and reflects on the heroes we all have. Robby Novak is an inspirational hero himself. He has a powerful personality and does not let his osteogenesis imperfecta disease, a disease that makes his bones brittle, get him down. Robby has had more than 70 broken bones and 13 surgeries. He even has steel rods in his legs. Crazy enough, this doesn’t stop Robby. Using his popularity, he has initiated several drives helping the homeless, sick, hungry and several others. You can spread some good too with Robby’s inspiring advice, “Someone may have never told you this, but I promise it’s true. The world needs heroes, and that hero could be you!”

Published on: October 31, 2018