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Three Things New Video for Instagram Can Do For Your Business

Instagram-logoYesterday, June 20, Facebook announced its photo sharing app Instagram would be adding a video feature. This new feature was introduced as Twitter’s video sharing app Vine has been picking up recent increased activity.

Vine has become a popular app for personal videos, allowing users to make funny, creative nine second videos and share them on social media. Instagram’s video feature will allow users to do the same, but with more features. For example, users can take 15 second videos, add filters and delete segments of the video.

This isn’t just big news for personal accounts. More and more businesses are beginning to experiment and fully engage in Instagram as a useful online marketing tool. Don’t know why using a photo and video sharing app would be beneficial to your business? Here are three things Instagram video can do for businesses.

Enhance Your Business’s Creativity

  • Instagram doesn’t just allow you to share anything you take video of. It exposes your creative side by allowing you to choose different filters (sepia for example) on your videos just like your photos. Adding these filters is a great way to make your post even more unique.

Increase Your Engagement

  • Twitter posts with media like Instagram receive on average three to four times more engagement than those that do not include multi-media. Don’t forget to include hashtags in the descriptions of your photos and videos, as this can increase engagements by almost 100 percent.

Show Off

  • An app like Instagram allows you to give your audience an inside look at who you are and what you do in a creative way. Show you’re customers what your new product or campaign can do with a picture or a video. 

Instagram may not be right for every business. It’s something you need to have a plan for and you’ll want to make sure your business will have enough content to post to the app consistently. Does your business use Instagram? If not, will it consider it with the new video feature?



Published on: June 21, 2013