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Chevrolet Brilliantly Embraces Chevy Guy’s “Technology and Stuff” Blunder

On Wednesday, Oct. 29, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals to win the 2014 World Series. However, it wasn’t the Giants everyone was focused on after the game and the days following. Who was everyone talking about? A regional manager for Chevy.

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Rikk Wilde was designated by Chevy to make a presentation to the World Series MVP of the Chevy Colorado. But when the microphone was handed over to Wilde, nerves took over. As he began to introduce the vehicle to Madison Bumgarner, he stumbled his way through a prepared speech and said the new truck contains “technology and stuff.” The internet, mainly Twitter, immediately criticized and made fun of the man they called “Chevy Guy.”

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Was Chevy going to be able to take control of this mishap? It turns out, they did exactly that. The following morning, Wilde was not only informed that he still had his job, but that everyone at Chevy had his back. Since that night, Chevy has run with the hashtag, #TechnologyAndStuff, which was trending on Twitter shortly after the blunder. Chevy has also brilliantly incorporated the phrase into much of their marketing.

Chevy Technology and Stuff
A Chevy pace truck at Texas Motor Speedway on Nov. 1, 2014.

Chevrolet spokesman Mike Albano said, “We embraced it and ran with it. It wasn’t a long discussion.”


Published on: November 4, 2014