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5 Easy Ways To Reach Local Customers Online

If you are marketing your local business online, how do you reach customers that will do business with you? Below we’ll share 5 ways you can reach more local customers using online strategies, and it’s so easy that anyone can do it.

  1. E-mail marketing – E-mail marketing is still one of the most effective ways to market a business online. Even a local business. Build a website and get people to opt in to your e-mail list. Make your content worth reading and shareable. Build your list. That’s where the money is.
  2. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. Pick the social media sites that will work for you and develop relationships with people in your local area.
  3. Mobile marketing – People are in their cars and on their phones. So why not reach them where they are? Make your website searchable and viewable on any device and people will find you, navigate to you, and do business with you.
  4. Your local blog – Make your blog a valuable local resource. When people see you give to the community, they will be encouraged to build a powerful relationship with you.
  5. Local search engine optimization – People search for all kinds of things online, and a lot of what people search for is local. Submit your website to Google Places and Bing Local. Once you’re in the search engines, local search gets a lot easier.

Your business can be marketing online to local clientele. Use these 5 online tactics to find the right people to do business with, and start getting them to your website today.

Published on: March 28, 2013