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Quiz: What Pantone Color Is Your Vibe?

Pantone has bestowed upon us the color of the year for 2024, and it’s radiant, warm, and as comforting as peach pie. If this color doesn’t resonate with you, fear not, we’ve got the ultimate quiz to reveal the Pantone color of the year shade that better mirrors your essence and predicts your future for the thrilling year ahead.

Whether you’re navigating the professional landscape with precision or prefer to let your creativity run wild amidst a (controlled!) chaos of Post-it notes, this quiz is designed just for you. Jot down your answers for this 10-question quiz.

Question 1: Describe your desk space at work:

A. Immaculately organized, with everything in its designated place.
B. Mostly clutter-free. You prefer a focused and serene workspace.
C. A balance between order and creativity, accommodating both structure and spontaneity.
D. A dynamic and inspiring space where creative chaos fuels innovation and ideas. Others might call it messy. We call it a vibe.

Question 2: In a work crisis, your approach is most likely to be:

A. Facing it head-on with assertiveness and confidence. You’ve prepared for this. Extensively.
B. Taking a methodical and calm approach to find a solution. First stop – you’re checking with your counterparts for advice.
C. You go with the flow and adapt to the situation. Whatever comes your way, you can handle it.
D. Let’s go! You have your finger on the publish button, ready to communicate immediately.

Question 3: Your favorite type of professional development involves:

A. High-energy speakers or networking events.
B. One-on-one mentorship.
C. Online courses and flexible learning options.
D. Hands-on experiences.

Question 4: In collaborative work with teammates, you most value:

A. Passion.
B. Harmony.
C. Adaptability.
D. Innovation.

Question 5: You prefer to get information from others:

A. In a face-to-face conversation.
B. Through email, so you have a record of the conversation.
C. It doesn’t matter as long as people pick a communication method and stick to it. You can’t keep track of 10 different systems!
D. Text, email, phone call, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the information you need.

Question 6: During a busy workday, your preferred break activity is:

A. A walk or drive. You just need a minute away from screens.
B. Switching to a personal task for a few minutes – a different inbox counts as a break, right?
C. More coffee. More tea.
D. Chatting with others…about anything but work.

Question 7: Your approach to team leadership involves:

A. You believe in the power of mentorship.
B. Inspiring and recognizing others.
C. Recognizing individuality to foster an inclusive and adaptable work environment.
D. Embracing new perspectives and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking.

Question 8: When facing a tight deadline, you are more likely to:

A. Thrive under pressure and deliver with flair.
B. Plan strategically and manage your time effectively.
C. Adapt your approach and find creative solutions to fit in the time allotted.
D. Wing it—somehow, you always get it done.

Question 9: Your least favorite part of work is often related to:

A. Meetings that don’t move the needle forward. Waste. Of. Time.
B. Navigating conflict. Just the idea of checking social media comments gives you hives.
C. Always doing more more more more more.
D. Maintaining traditions or rigid structures that no longer make sense.

Question 10: In your downtime, you unwind by:

A. Going out—dinners, theatre, concerts, you name it.
B. You have regularly scheduled downtime on your calendar. Family nights, movie nights, a standing massage appointment—whatever it is, you always have something to look forward to.
C. Relaxing. Whether it’s with family, a glass of wine, or reading a book, you need your downtime.
D. Hobbies. You have so many you’ve lost track. You’re never bored.


Quiz Scoring:

A Note For Those Who Skip to Scoring:

Caught you trying to fast-track to your color, huh? If you’re ready to jump straight to the finish line, you might just be the go-getter we all need on our team. Now, let’s backtrack and discover the nuances of your vibrant work personality – it’s worth the journey!


Mostly A’s: Viva Magenta– The Bold Strategist
Bold, energetic, and full of strength, you thrive in high-stakes situations and are always prepared to face challenges head-on. Your assertiveness and confidence make you a natural leader, inspiring those around you with your positive mindset and approach to work.

Fortune for 2024: Your year will be a journey filled with bold moves and exciting opportunities for growth. Avoid moving too quickly – sometimes, a step back or thoughtful response can make all the difference.

Pantone Viva Magenta

Mostly B’s: Classic Blue – The Calm Conductor
You’ve earned the title of ‘Classic.’ Calm and confident, your methodical approach brings harmony to any situation. You are known for providing a steady and reliable foundation for your team.

Fortune for 2024: You’ll find success when you prioritize connection—anchoring growth from a stable foundation. Avoid overanalyzing – sometimes, simplicity holds the key to brilliance.

Pantone Classic Blue

Mostly C’s: Greenery – The Adaptable Innovator
Drumroll, please! You’re a refreshing, revitalizing yellow-green that evokes thoughts of renewal. Adaptable, flexible, and poised for a year of positive changes, your ability to balance order and creativity makes you an invaluable asset. Your versatility fosters a work environment that welcomes change and innovation, setting the stage for a year of positive transformation.

Fortune for 2024: 2024 is your canvas for positive transformations and innovation. Embrace change, but watch out for your tendency to spread yourself too thin – focus on the impactful changes.

Pantone Greenery

Mostly D’s: Tangerine Tango – The Creative Pioneer
Bravo, you’ve earned a vivacious shade of orange. Creative, forward-thinking, and set to explore new horizons, your commitment to innovation propels you into uncharted territories. Embracing new perspectives and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking, you’re a creative pioneer charting the course for the future.

Fortune for 2024: Your creative spirit can lead you to new heights in 2024. Keep your innovations grounded for practical success to avoid getting lost in the clouds.

Pantone Tangerine Tango

Mix of Scores: Marsala – The Multifaceted Achiever
With a blend of characteristics from various personalities, you are a dynamic fusion. Your unique mix of boldness, composure, adaptability, and innovation makes you a multifaceted achiever. Embrace the diversity within yourself, as it equips you to tackle a wide range of challenges and navigate the complexities of the professional landscape with finesse. Your sense of individuality is your greatest asset!

Fortune for 2024: Your versatility will be your greatest strength in the year ahead. The word ‘no’ will be an important tool in your toolbox this year—just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should.

Pantone Marsala

Published on: January 2, 2024