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Tips for Branding a Company Pinterest Page

It seems to be that more and more businesses are adding Pinterest to their online marketing strategy. If that’s the case for your business, make sure you aren’t creating a Pinterest business account just for the sake of having one. It’s important that your Pinterest page represents your brand the way the rest of your social media does. Pinterest is a little bit of a different setup than other social media sites.

Your profile picture is the number one priority for your page. Use your company logo or, if you’re a small business, you could use a picture of the owners or employees of the business. Not having a profile image will default your image to a white pin on a red background, which is equivalent to having the default egg as your profile picture on Twitter.

Tell your story and be accessible. You should have the description filled out with your company mission or tagline. You should also make sure your location is listed. Finally, you should make sure your website is verified with a little checkmark next to it. If you have it, you can also add your Twitter page and the Twitter icon will show up.

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Use your boards. Your Pinterest boards can also play a role in branding your page. Making sure you have boards relevant to your business and representing your business is very important. For example, if you’re a flower shop, you may want to have a board where the main image is the outside of your business or your logo. You may have another board that is just roses. There are plenty of aspects of your business to showcase, and Pinterest is a great way to give users a glance of what your business is all about.

Pinterest may not be for every business, but it might be worth the research to see what your business could possibly do with a Pinterest page.

Published on: October 21, 2013