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Don’t Throw Stones at Blue Cross & Blue Shield’s Latest Campaign

According to a recent article from the Star Tribune, a man named Scott will be living in a glass apartment at the Mall of America for the next month, complete with a living room, flat-screen TV and kitchen, with a goal to eat better and exercise more on display for anyone and everyone to see.

Scott isn’t doing this on his own – it’s actually the focus of an “unconventional” marketing campaign from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, whose long-running “Do” campaign aims to demonstrate how simple, everyday activities can improve health.

“‘We hope to have a lot of fun with this, but there’s a serious side of it as well,’said Dr. Marc Manley, Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s chief prevention officer. ‘We’re trying to help people move more and eat better, so we can try to solve the problem of obesity.”‘

“Through the month, he’ll be blogging, tweeting and sharing his thoughts on Facebook, all with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield branding,” reported the Star Tribune.

This campaign actually has a human living in a  20-by-30-foot apartment with glass on all walls and includes an exercise bike. Is this campaign too extreme? Or is it so unconventional and buzz-worthy that it will positively pay off for Blue Cross and Blue Shield?

Published on: March 17, 2011