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Twitter Allows Retweets with Comments

Monday, April 6, Twitter revamped its retweet feature. It is now easier for users to retweet others and add their comments along with the retweet. Before, it had been a strenuous process to add commentary, stay within characters, etc. Now, after hitting the retweet button, you are prompted to enter in your comments.

Twitter retweet with comments

After entering comments and retweeting, your tweet shows up with the retweeted message in an embedded box below your comment. The feature has gotten mixed reactions across social media.

retweet with commentsThe change saves users the pain of any copying and pasting, or worries about not having enough characters to say what they want. The downside? As of right now, pictures and videos show up much smaller than they would in the original tweet. Something Twitter will probably continue to work on.


Published on: April 13, 2015