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Looking for a Beneficial Summer Internship? Google It.

Searching for a meaningful summer internship can be difficult for many college students who are actively looking to add helpful experience to their résumés. But what if you were one of the lucky students chosen to spend your summer working for the largest online search engine?

Social media marketingGoogle is offering the “Summer of Code 2012,” which is an internship for students who are willing to work on open-source projects. Unlike many interns who are working for experience without monetary compensation, Google has made their program a paid internship.

“The program works in a three-phase cycle, with organizations and mentors submitting proposals for their projects,” reported “…then students also applying to work on said projects, and finally the two groups get connected together for a summer of open source coding madness.”

This is not the first year that Google has offered the opportunity to willing students. The program was started in 2005, and this year the company will be accepting roughly 1,000 students for the internships.

If you’re looking to find out more about Google’s Summer of Code 2012, the search engine giant reportedly will be hosting an online hangout on April 2nd. They also offer additional information in their FAQs.

What do you think about Google offering internships to students? Are you, or is anyone you know, planning to apply for the Summer of Code 2012 internships?



Published on: March 29, 2012