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5-Point Website Inspection

Keep your audience engaged and your customers happy with a few simple website maintenance tips. Here’s a 5-Point Inspection to keep your website working hard for you.

How we navigate the web is evolving rapidly. So, assuring your website is mobile-friendly, optimized for search, ADA compliant and designed for the user experience (UX) will help drive traffic and keep customers coming back.

1. Is the design current?

Review the design of your website every couple of years. Since technology and web standards continually evolve, its easy to look dated without regular maintenance. For best performance, follow the latest user experience trends and SEO practices. Awwwards, the website design and developer competition, has a vast inventory of award-winning trends to get you thinking.

2. Is it easy to navigate as a visitor?

Visit your website and put yourself in the mind of a prospect and client. Jot down the top five things you want a visitor to do on your site. Now, try navigating through your list. Does your website design lead your prospect to learn about your business? What action do you want them to take?  Do you have a form request or contact us? Was it easy?  Another great way to consider the user behavior is by reviewing your Google Analytics to see where users are navigating most often — from both mobile and desktop devices — and assure those pages are optimized (easy to use) on all devices.

3. Is it fully mobile-responsive?

Conduct your website inspection from a smartphone. Are users able to click and call you, easily submit a form and navigate the menu options? Does the mobile site provide key messages/services clearly and quickly?
[TIP: Use a dash for phone numbers 763-559-6058. ADA accessibility standards don’t recognize parentheses (763) 559-6058 or periods 763.559.6058 in phone numbers.]

4. Is there fresh content?

Refresh your content bi-weekly for better search optimization. When search engines crawl your site and find no new content, you lose brand authority. So, regular updates help your search position (without incurring the cost of website development) and provide your audience with new information. And keep in mind video content counts, but you will want to close-caption and transcribe it so viewers can watch or read.

5. Is it fast enough?

Test your site speed and work with your web host to resolve any issues.

Is it time to call us?

If your website fails to meet your expectations, then it may be time for a new website. Be sure to partner with a website design expert, like CEL, to ensure your website gets the full-service package.

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Published on: January 24, 2020