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New Facebook Pages App Hits Phones

new facebook pages appA new Facebook Pages app hit phones earlier this week and our social media specialist, Chelsea Janke, has been reviewing it to get insight into the new features and how it can help you better admin your page. Here is her thoughts on the new app:

“While I love the idea of being able to admin pages directly from a specific app and this will allow for better efficiency and control over posting on company pages, I feel that the app currently lacks in one particular department that has been an issue for mobile facebook and companies all along – photo posting.” said Chelsea Janke. ” As we put together events and actively help our clients engage with their customers and prospects online, it has always been a struggle to effectively upload photos in a timely manner to the appropriate place. Creating albums and assigning photos to the correct albums is done most efficiently via a computer which is not always possible when you are in a fast-paced industry like PR. But while I think Facebook needs to ramp up the photo aspects of the app to help with posting and administering those photos this new app does an outstanding job on the rest of the administering of a brand or company page.”

Chelsea went on to describe that the new app allows do a number of things that the normal Facebook app did not allow:

  • deleting posts that were made on the company or brand page
  • view insights and stats for each of the pages you administer
  • switch between pages in a quick and efficient way

“I am very excited for this new Facebook pages app to be updated and increase its usability for companies and social media admins. The concept of it is what I have been waiting for for a long time from Facebook, now they need to ramp it up to increase the usability and reflect the needs of the industry.”

Published on: May 25, 2012