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Earn Your Public Relations – 4 Tips to Get You There

Let’s face it. Anyone can buy advertising. However, you can’t buy positive public relations because it’s something that you have to earn.

How are you earning your PR? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Why should someone do business with me? With my company?

2. What client service story best defines what makes us different?

3. What is your business story?

4. What hurdles have you overcome to reach your level of success?

5. How will you utilize the lessons you’ve learned moving into the future?

Today, you have more opportunities and vehicles for earning positive PR than ever before. In addition to telling your story on paper and by word of mouth, you can shout it out on your website and on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. It’s time to take note and document it so you can utilize it for positive PR that gives a boost to your business. How do you do it?

1. Write your business story

Define your passion for what you do. Document the hurdles you have you overcome to reach your level of success, professionally and personally. Define your greatest assets and how the work you have done has impacted your customers’ work and personal lives.

2. Request customer feedback

When you go out to share your story, it’s critical to include customer testimonials and personal experiences that support your statements of achievement and success. Simply stated, it’s the proof in the pudding.

3. Package it all up for distribution

Creatively combine your story with customer testimonials and place the words within a creatively designed document with photos and images that support and enhance it.

4. Share your story

Go out and tell your public relations story. Print the document. Share it with customers and ask them to share it with others. Upload it to the ABOUT section of your website. Share pieces of it within a blog post and on your Facebook page. Share it with the media.

You’ve earned your story, paid in sweat and sacrifice, so take some time to define it, tell it through positive public relations and excel from it!

Published on: October 6, 2014