Speaking & Training

Through engaging presentations and workshops, our experienced speakers deliver actionable insights and strategies tailored to address specific industry challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s leadership development, digital marketing tactics, or media spokesperson prep, our training programs equip teams with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive. We are thought leaders in our field. Our keynote speeches captivate audiences with compelling stories, expert analysis, and practical advice, leaving a lasting impact that motivates individuals and organizations to reach new heights. With a focus on delivering value and driving positive change, our training and keynote-speaking services are catalysts for growth and transformation.

chelsea training at a goldmine session with salina


Improve Your Skills

After we work with your team to build a beautiful new website, rebrand, or any other marketing service, we always make sure your team is set up for success. Our commitment extends beyond the completion of the project, as we provide comprehensive training and support to ensure seamless integration and adoption of the new strategies or platforms. From hands-on workshops to ongoing support, we empower your team with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate and leverage the new tools or initiatives confidently. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results, fostering long-term success and growth for your organization.


Get on the Schedule

Have one of our experienced marketing professionals speak at your next webinar, in-person training, or conference. As a dynamic team with diverse backgrounds, we can deliver a memorable and impactful presentation tailored to your audience’s needs. Whether it’s delving into the latest marketing trends, sharing innovative strategies, or inspiring thought leadership, our speakers bring energy, expertise, and authenticity to every engagement. With a deep understanding of industry dynamics and a passion for empowering others, we connect with audiences on a personal level, leaving them motivated and equipped with actionable takeaways. Invite us to be a part of your next event and let us ignite inspiration and drive results for your audience.

cindy and janet keynote speaking in Washington


We’re Here to Help

For more than 35 years, CEL’s clients have trusted us as their communications partner — helping them strategically plan, implement, and ultimately grow using effective marketing and public relations tactics. No matter what your goal is, we help make it happen when we sign on with you. Telling your story and getting your message to your marketplace in a Creative, Effective, and Lasting way is our business – with a return on your investment.