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Cheers to 30 Years & a Tribute to 30 Heroes

Cheers to 30 Years & a Tribute to 30 Heroes

Many people touch our lives – in person, through writings, or from stories shared about their life and experiences. Our mission at CEL Marketing PR Design is inspired by people who are living their lives with this commitment and passion, and who are changing people’s lives, businesses, and communities.

Way back in 1988, before CEL was founded, our mission and vision was percolating in the heart and mind of our founder, Cindy Leines. It started, like many companies, with experiences she had in her youth, at college, and in her work life – as well as from people whose lives touched hers. They included values that her grandmother and parents demonstrated every day on their farm and in their community. As a teenager, she learned through her niece and serving people with disabilities, the power of learning from others, working together, and finding joy in life. She also learned that much can be accomplished, and dreams can come true when the talents of many are brought together for a common purpose.

However, CEL is not one person’s journey; it is the culmination of many people’s lives, talents, and experiences, which has become the foundation for helping others succeed. As we celebrate 30 years at CEL, we are paying a special tribute to 30 heroes who have significantly contributed to the betterment of business, family, and community. These heroes exemplify our CEL mission and passion.

Some of these unsung heroes have been mentors, others are acquaintances, friends, clients, or strangers. Each one of the them has taken risks, stood strong to their values, and positively impacted business, family, or community. The selection of only 30 heroes to be highlighted has proven to be a challenge, as our CEL team has found that every client, partner, and vendor has left a footprint along our path.

Look for special posts over the next few months as we highlight each of our 30 heroes.

Published on: April 15, 2018