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Branding & Design

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your brand is worth a million. Our community-engaged branding process goes beyond a logo. Redefine your communications with expert brand messaging, graphic design and a visual identity toolkit.
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School communicators wear many hats and undertaking a new website project can be overwhelming. Let us help you navigate the process, anticipate your needs and pose questions you’d never think to ask. We bridge communications and technology to deliver award-winning sites.
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Integrated Marketing

We function as your in-house marketing partner, helping you strategically plan, implement and drive results. Working with small and large school systems, we have successfully launched new program campaigns, driven enrollment and changed attitudes and behaviors in creative, effective and lasting ways.
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Vision in Focus

As a school leader, you have a vision. You are committed to engaging your team and community effectively, building trust and credibility, and enhancing the culture. You need powerful communication to achieve your goals. We can help. Vision in focus gives you a strategic communications team, supporting your leadership communications.

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Want to increase effectiveness and capacity among school communicators and leaders? Improve customer service and enrollment marketing, impact visual communication, build effective websites or become a better spokesperson with our in-person training or webinars.
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For 30 years, CEL’s clients have trusted us as their communications partner — helping them strategically plan, implement, and ultimately grow their school, event or business using effective marketing and public relations tactics. No matter what your goal is, we help make it happen when we sign on with you. Telling your story and getting your message to your marketplace in a Creative, Effective, and Lasting way is our business – with a return on your investment.

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