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Market like an Olympic Swimmer

Market like an Olympic Swimmer

Are you a fan of the US Olympic swim team? As you watch Michael Phelps, Lily King, Minnesota’s own David Plumber, and other champions swim for gold, take note of the similarities between Olympic swimming and marketing like a champion. How can you get in the marketing race and swim to victory?

Dress in your brand
Wear it proudly on all print and digital marketing materials like swimmers wear it on their caps and the back of their jackets.

Jump in the pool

Take the plunge and put your company out there in front of thousands of viewers who are in your target market.

Think like a champion

Winning marketing campaigns and strategies are born from vision, goal setting and eyes on the outcome.

Make a splash

Attention-getting words, color and creativity will keep eyes and media cameras on you.

Watch your competition and adapt accordingly

If they’re gaining on you with a goal of passing you up, adjust your program and your pace to move ahead.

Stay focused on the finish line

Follow through and perseverance is key to finishing strong.

Reap the reward

Go for marketing gold by winning new customers!

CEL can coach and help you market like a champion!

Published on: August 12, 2016