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What Are Your Customers Saying About Your Brand?

What customers are saying about your brand matters. Putting an ad on a billboard, on TV, or in print media can give your brand great exposure to a large market. But how much does that market actually trust your ad and its message? Yes, it matters how you’re getting your message across, but it also matters who is communicating to others about your brand – and what is being said.

According to a poll conducted last year by The Nielsen Company, consumers are more likely to trust consumer reviews that were posted online or opinions in a blog over traditional advertising ( i.e. TV, radio, billboard, and print ads). This means that even if you spend a large sum of money on a TV commercial to promote your company’s great customer service, the average consumer is more likely to trust a negative review online from an anonymous blogger than your pricey, creative commercial.

So what’s the solution? If you can’t beat it, join it – social media, that is. Nielsen reports that globally, time spent on social media sites has increased by 82% since last year. With this intense increase, it’s vital to make sure your company is taking advantage of all that social media has to offer.  By doing this, not only can you increase awareness of your brand, but you can also keep track of what others have to say about it. Look at it as another platform for you to get your desired message to an even larger audience.

Does it seem overwhelming? Or are you unsure of how to effectively break into the market? Thankfully, there are social media solutions to help you by creating a strategic plan that identifies the course of action, goals and outcomes for your company’s social media return on investment. But whether you try it on your own or need some advice, social media is a must!

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Published on: July 9, 2010