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How To Engage With Businesses on Social Media

Using social media is more than just getting your company name out there and seen by more people. It also serves as a way to find more customers and drive sales. Here are a few tips on how to engage with other businesses in your B2B marketing social media strategy.

    1. Follow your past, present and prospective customers. Not only does this let you keep track of what they are posting about, but it gives you a better chance they will follow you on social media. Once they do follow you, you can interact with them by personalizing posts to them or sending them messages to see how things are going.


    1. Stay social. Post consistently and share content that includes what your business is up to, as well as fun and interesting content your followers will want to see and engage with.


    1. Be proactive with your content and have plenty of it. You want to make sure your company’s social media is staying relevant. Follow other brands you admire or even competitors for inspiration and ideas. Stay active and relevant to your followers. Also, as a part of your social strategy, you should have plenty of content planned and ready to post for your followers.


    1. Communicate and respond. Communicate with your followers. Let them know you appreciate their kind words on positive feedback, or that you’ll do everything you can to make sure their experience improves on negative feedback. Whether it is positive or negative, a timely response to a comment or post is always important.


Following these simple tips and continuing to communicate and engage with your followers can lead to a better online reputation, as well as sales. In what ways has your business engaged your followers?

Published on: September 26, 2013