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Small Business View on Shutting Down Minnesota

We have gone for months without stating an opinion on the Minnesota state budget deficit or the stalemate at the Capitol that has stopped government operations. As a business owner and operator, Cindy Leines shares her perspective. “I have found that leaders who walk away from tough decisions in business don’t usually succeed in that business. More often over the past twenty years, I’ve met business leaders who share their stories of hard knocks, difficult decisions and the positive outcomes that occurred as a result of facing it head on. If they hadn’t done so, many share that the consequences to their business could have been severe.”

“What, I wonder, happened to Minnesota state’s elected officials?  What happened to opposing sides with differing perspectives working it out … compromising, and agreeing to move on within those limitations?  What, I ask, are the consequences for our state leaders?”

Here is what we agree upon…it is time for our elected officials to make the tough decisions, agree to disagree on some of those decisions, but ultimately move forward with a plan.

What’s your vote?

Published on: July 19, 2011