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25 Tips from 25 Years: Branding and Graphic Design

When it comes to marketing and public relations, not much surprises us. We’ve learned from the good moves and the bad, and offer 25 tips for successful marketing and public relations. We’ll share five per week on the News Blog on our website throughout December, as we express 25 years of gratitude. We begin with branding and graphic design.

Branding and Graphic Design

1. Invest in your brand – Hire a good designer to create or update your logo and public relations professional to help you write your brand message. It’s the face of your business, so make it look good!

2. Protect your brand – Search to make sure it’s not already being used, trademark it, write guidelines for using it, monitor it, and keep it fresh.

3. More design isn’t always the best design – More isn’t always better and sometimes less is more. Be creative, but concise with your design. Share your message clearly and concisely with color and style.

4. Pantone Matching System colors matter! – Select a good, reputable printer and demand a press check. Make sure your colors are right and consistent before hitting the presses.

5. Pay attention to detail – Always get a second set of eyes on your design and on the copy to catch errors.

Published on: December 11, 2013