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The Keys to Branding Your Twitter

Does your business have a Twitter profile as a part of your social media strategy? How much work has gone into that profile? As a part of the strategy, it’s important to consistently post, engage with your audience and keep up with current trends. However, something you might not think about is branding your Twitter.

Your brand is the most important part of your business. Bringing that brand to your social media pages can be a key identifier for your audience. So how can you keep your Twitter page branded and why is it important?

Each company is different, and with Twitter, there are three things available to help brand your page. You can have a background image, a header image and your profile picture.

It’s important to keep your content and your branding fresh, current and updated. When it comes to branding a Twitter page, you can give your page a creative look or use your background and header as a timely spot for a campaign or upcoming promotion. Here are a few examples.

Coca-Cola makes their background look blended with their header image, while keeping their brand voice and having their Coke bottle profile picture stand out.

Disney Pixar keeps their profile current, promoting the new release of an upcoming DVD in October. 

Caribou Coffee promotes Breast Cancer Awareness Month with their promotion of Amy’s Blend Coffee, which they started 18 years ago as a tribute to its original roastmaster who lost her battle in 1995. 

Caribou Coffee Twitter Page

So maybe your business can ask itself, what are some creative and effective ways to keep your Twitter page branded?

Published on: October 8, 2013