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Change to Message Notifications from LinkedIn Members

LinkedIn recently announced a change they will be making to their email notifications to make sure users get important messages as soon as possible. Previously, the default setting was to receive a weekly summary  email listing any InMails or Introductions sent to the user by other LinkedIn  members. LinkedIn has stated that the reason the previous setting was enacted was “due to an error on our part,” according to an email they sent to users.

“We received a lot of feedback from people saying they’d rather receive these messages  right away,” stated the email sent to members. “With that feedback in mind, we will be changing  your setting on December 14, 2011 so you’ll receive InMails and Introductions immediately rather than in a weekly digest format. If  you’d like to receive these messages as soon as they are sent, no action is  needed. However, if you’d like to change  how you receive these messages in the future, you can change your email preferences by selecting the weekly digest format.”

Will this change be convenient, or annoying? “I’m a little surprised that they’re changing it to a default setting, when it’s already an option to regulate notifications under the current settings,” said Social Media Administrator Chelsea Janke.  “If they’ve been receiving a lot of complaints from users, they’re probably just trying to be receptive listeners. It’s good to know that they’re taking feedback seriously.”

We’ve always received prompt responses from LinkedIn about inquiries, and it’s been clear that their support department is working hard to please users.

To learn more about changing your email  notifications, please visit the LinkedIn help center.

What do you think about the increase of LinkedIn updates? Is it helpful? Or is it a nuisance?

Published on: December 7, 2011