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Grateful for her 25+ year journey

Grateful for her 25+ year journey

CEL salutes Kari Logan, VP of Public Relations

How does one put 25+ years of working together, building businesses and communities together, and growing families together into less than 500 words? Simply said… blessed and challenged; miraculous and mundane; joyful and tearful; innocent and savvy; creative, effective and lasting.

Join us in sharing stories and accolades with Kari Logan, VP of Public Relations at CEL, whose passions are evident in her creative talents, including her love for singing and acting, her attention to details and her endearment for her family and their heritage You’ve likely read her stories in local and national publications, seen her clients in the regional and national TV news, heard her jingles and prose, watched her lead flash mobs, or have seen her present and perform on stage in front of hundreds. You may have experienced firsthand, her ability to bring attention and life to worthy causes. She educates and she entertains.

If you’re one of the fortunate people who have met Kari through her work here at CEL, in her leadership with Augsburg alumni, or in the community, you understand how she magically can bring people and passions together. She delivers unexpected results through untraditional means.

We invite you to share a story or experience in which Kari has touched your business, your organization or your life. Feel free to comment below or send your photos and stories to Stay tuned for more stories about Kari and the people and organizations she continues to touch and transform.

Thank you Kari Logan!!! We can’t wait to see your next award-winning productions at CEL!

Published on: November 7, 2017