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Pigs Fly in Minneapolis After Gas Explosion

I saw pigs fly this morning. Seriously. I was watching KARE 11 News Sunrise and Senior Web Producer Beatrice Chang highlighted video on the KARE 11 website of a gas explosion in Minneapolis, shot by a viewer. Okay, the pigs are almost airborne at this point. Then, she went on to say that the station received the video before their news department knew about the explosion, prompting them to dispatch a crew. The pigs are now flying!

Back when I was a television news assignment editor and producer, we got goose bumps when we were the first on the scene of breaking news, and we made sure our viewers knew we were first! Heaven forbid we would admit to a not picking up a story over our dispatch system, and we would never have run what we used to call “home video” on air (unless it was something we absolutely couldn’t shoot ourselves).

This is a sign of the times as TV stations intentionally build a powerful web presence and place social media on an equal level with traditional media coverage. Now that I’m a media relations specialist or “recovering journalist” as I sometimes call myself, I applaud KARE 11 for catching that wave and riding it. Their social media fortitude has opened new doors for my profession. We now have the opportunity to help our clients share information and gain exposure through new social media vehicles that drive them to a higher level of success, that in the past as only attainable by companies with big advertising budget.

Kari Logan, Media Relations Specialist

Published on: March 23, 2011