The Place for Print in Communications

Whether online or in print, your brand has 7 seconds to make an impression. This isn’t new. We’ve been talking about this for years, but as the world becomes increasingly digital, it’s essential to remember that print still holds a valuable place in your marketing and branding toolkit. While we’ve often focused on the critical pages on your website, there are times when traditional mail is crucial to reaching your audience effectively. Or maybe you need to beautify your physical space. At CEL Marketing PR Design, we specialize in turning concepts into reality, transforming ideas into creations that leave a lasting impression.

opening doors ad for anniversary celebratin

The combining of two known organizations, Hammer Residences and Northeast Residence, under one name, Hammer & NER, created opportunities for anniversary milestones of 100 + 50 years. A range of print materials were used to celebrate and communicate these significant achievements.

all-in poker party invite

Who doesn’t want to join a poker party for charity? Get those on-brand Business & Estate Advisers, Inc. invites in the mail now, packed with all the event details and excitement!

NECP wall mural

A dynamic wall mural for Northeast College Prep to engrain the brand message to memory.

Tangible Storytelling with Print

From postcards to brochures, lookbooks, and newsletters, print marketing is a tangible, memorable way to tell your brand’s story. We believe in the power of print to foster a deeper connection with your audience. Through high-quality materials and engaging designs, print marketing allows you to showcase your brand’s unique identity, values, and message, leaving a tangible piece of your story in the hands of your customers.

• Vinyl wraps and banner walls can turn everyday environments into extraordinary gateways that captivate and engage your audience.
• Brochures and postcards can distinguish between campaigns that effectively communicate and those that fade into the background.

Billboards and bus stickers can spread your message far and wide, ensuring it resonates with a broad audience and conveys the right information.

Mint Roofing

Turn your fleet into billboards! Wrapping vehicles is an effective marketing strategy for more than just companies like Mint Roofing. Make your overhead work for you while on the road, transforming them into moving advertisements that read a wider audience every day!

ICA business cards

Design a business card that catches attention like ICA Food Shelf.

Educate Kansas postcards for recruitment and teacher support

Turn careers into callings with postcards that add a personal touch to recruitment campaigns. Educate Kansas’s postcard campaign paved the way for personal recruitment that connected directly with potential educators.

Berkshire Ashwaubenon booklet first page mockup

Experience Life at Berkshire! The brochure captures the true spirit of Berkshire through real quotes and photos from residents. Read their personal stories and discover what makes living here so special. Explore local attractions, the rich history of the city, and exciting highlights like historical photos of the Packers.

Berkshire redefined its space with captivating wall wraps that blend the new brand pattern with historic Packer’s imagery, creating an immersive and inspiring atmosphere. Located blocks away from Lambeau Field, residents are enveloped in a game-day ambiance that resonates with their passion for the Packers.

Diverse Print Solutions

So whether you’re in need of business cards that make a statement or badges that set you apart from the crowd, we’ve got you covered. Effective marketing leaves a lasting impression by engaging the senses. At CEL, we can elevate your print marketing pieces to something special beyond standard four-color.

Treasured Insights

Brochures that aren’t just glanced at but treasured, providing valuable and memorable information.

cotter schools alumni brochure

Our brochures aren’t just glanced at but treasured, providing valuable and memorable information. Discover how Cotter Schools’ branding is challenging YOU to be the difference.

Cherished Connections

Business cards that aren’t just kept but cherished, making a lasting impression on your audience.

mindfulness cards

Going beyond the use of just traditional business card, Transcend Wealth Partners has mindfulness cards that inspire wellness for their clients. 

Commanding Attention

Banners that don’t just occupy space but command attention, transforming environments and engaging audiences.

event banner template for san diego county office of education

Event Essentials: Discover the versatility and impact of pop-up banner templates, such as those used by the San Diego County Office of Education.

Inspired Design Within Reach

We believe in delivering exceptional quality across all our print projects, regardless of scale or complexity. While we excel at creating high-end, full-bleed prints, we understand that each project has unique needs and objectives.

Our versatility allows us to tailor our approach to your specific requirements. Need brand-consistent materials with a quick turnaround? We can provide custom templates that ensure your in-house printing maintains the highest quality and brand alignment standards. The result? Professional materials that are timely, cost-effective, and 100% on-brand.

But that’s just the beginning. Our portfolio showcases a wide range of innovative print solutions that can elevate your brand:

• Eye-catching door wraps that transform spaces
• Intricately die-cut brochures that engage and delight
• Stunning large-format prints that command attention
• Custom-designed business cards that leave lasting impressions
• Unique event invitations that build anticipation

osseo referendum pop up banner

ISD 279 – Osseo Area Schools’ two-phase award-winning referendum campaign utilized pop-up banners that could have flags swapped out as the campaign progressed to utilize their budget effectively.

locker decals at LJA

Put branding elements like the locker decals at Laura Jeffrey Academy in the hands of your students. 

An employee recruitment brochure for Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8. The brochure is colorful, has great photos of staff, and the top is die-cut like the mountains ringing FFC8.

Located in Colorado, the employee recruitment brochure reveals a stunning mountainscape, echoing the natural beauty surrounding the Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 campus. When the brochure is closed, it features layered mountains, symbolizing their commitment to a picturesque environment that inspires fulfillment. What’s today’s mission? It’s to love your job!

richfield referendum newsletter front and back

A Richfield community survey revealed that newsletters mailed to households are residents’ top preference for information. This direct mail strategy ensures all taxpayers stay informed, especially in communities where families with school-age children are a minority and local newspapers are folding.

NECP door wrap

How do the entrances of your buildings make people feel? This is Northeast College Prep before…..

NECP door wrap

After the brand expansion for Northeast College Prep brought vibrancy, attractiveness and confidence to the school feeling from first glance!

Interpreting Your Vision

At CEL, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of print design. Whether you need impactful everyday materials or show-stopping statement pieces, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. We pride ourselves on being great interpreters of your brand vision. Our creative team possesses innate talents for active listening, connecting ideas, and transforming them into powerful marketing communications tools that not only advance your brand but also achieve your goals.

Get a free brand assessment checklist from CEL Marketing PR Design, and let’s get started.

robbinsdale area schools kindergarten brochure

Kindergarten enrollment is a major entrance point for schools. Robbinsdale Area Schools utilized their brand expansion to help their newest faces get back-to-school ready!

badge for ICA staff

Showcase your identity like ICA Food Shelf with branded ID badges for a personalized feel.

staff badges

For the ISD 279 – Osseo Area Schools referendum, we enhanced staff lanyards with an additional badge featuring key points and a QR code for more information.

Cotter Schools lamp post banners

Do you have an outdoor campus area? Add pops of color and messaging, and brand it with pole flags like Cotter Schools in Winona, MN.

community 5k foster the future sticker on water bottle

Everyone loves a good sticker! Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 puts on a community 5k event called “Foster the Future,” and we wanted attendees to be able to deck out their own items!

Students in new mascot shirts

Unite in style with branded t-shirts for staff and students to showcase school spirit!