Make Your Job Easier with Custom Brand Packages

When your to-do list feels longer than a CVS receipt, consider ways to lighten your load. For example, our friends at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) do amazing work — from supporting school leaders to offering professional development and speaker series. Still, the office’s award-winning communications team members recently needed an extra hand with event marketing materials.

While the SDCOE team worked on communications strategy, the CEL designers stepped in to build a dynamic branding package with a set of ready-made templates that made everyone’s job easier!

SDCOE event marketing materials

In just a few simple steps, multiple staff members — including those outside of the comms office — can now edit the placeholder content and distribute the branded templates, including:

  • Social media graphics
  • E-mail headers
  • Slide decks
  • Website banners
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Posters 
  • Postcards
  • Table tent cards
  • … and more!

Whether you’re batching staff spotlight graphics, preparing for community budget presentations or bolstering your event marketing efforts like SDCOE, our custom branding packages can create a consistent look and feel for your schools. Let’s talk about how a branding package can support your strategic school communications plan.

sdcoe pop up banner
sdcoe poster

Boost Your Strategic Communication Plan

Branding packages are giving strategic communication projects a boost as a growing number of communicators empower staff members by sharing editing rights and content creation duties.

Hosting educational events year-round, the Communications Team wanted to outline a way for departments to create marketing materials. That’s where our branding packages come in, with preset colors, font styles, headings, and easy-to-update placeholder content. The pre-made design works to keep company brand guidelines intact (goodbye, distorted logos!) and also helps ensure a smooth, successful implementation.

For SDCOE, we incorporated the organization’s blue color palette and added large letters and bold geometric shapes as design elements. 

“We do the heavy lift up front and prepare all of the designs and templates based on the client’s needs,” says Kelly May, CEL graphic design director. “This allows you to work on strategic projects or to plan ahead while we design professional templates that your staff can use as needed.” 

Thumbs Up For Ready-Made Templates

Branding packages are a low-maintenance, no-fuss resource. They are full of ready-made designs that make it easy for even the least-techy person to use.

For example, whether SDCOE needed a social media graphic to announce an upcoming speaker or a website homepage banner to share an event date, staff was able to access the branding package, grab the appropriate template and pop new content into place in minutes. 


Brand packages allow a communications team to: 

  • Build a cohesive design package 
  • Free up time for other tasks
  • Plan ahead for promotions and events
  • Expedite timelines and project rollouts 
  • Create a sense of staff ownership for marketing materials, while still maintaining brand standards
sdcoe pop up banner
sdcoe event materials