Brand Refresh for Robbinsdale Area Schools

More than 12,000 students from preschool through Grade 12 attend Robbinsdale Area Schools. They represent seven different cities within the district, as well as nearby communities. 

Robbinsdale Area Schools partnered with CEL to refresh its brand identity system to better reflect the vibrant, dynamic nature of the students and families it serves. CEL’s design team first expanded the color palette and from there developed new patterns, typographic options and templates (flyers, presentation decks and more) to deliver more coordinated and visually striking communications. The broader color range supported and maintained a cohesiveness throughout the many individual school sub-brands within the district.

The brand refresh extended to the district’s website as well. The Robbinsdale team took advantage of the third stage of the lifecycle of a school websiteEnhance — by incorporating the expanded brand identity system into the website for a more effective user experience and functionality.

national school public relations association golden achievement award
Robbinsdale PPT Template

CEL created presentation templates using the updated brand identity system, featuring the expanded color palette and new patterns.

Robbinsdale Logo

The shape of the capital R in the existing logo provided inspiration for the movement and color fields in the new graphic backgrounds.

Enrollment Marketing Ad

Enrollment marketing for Robbinsdale schools included animated GIFs built from images of students of all ages in the district.

Robbinsdale Website

In addition to reinforcing consistent messaging for the Unified District Vision, CEL incorporated navy blue as a core color district-wide.

Robbinsdale Flyer

CEL also developed flyer templates for print and digital communications, using the pattern as a framing device for photography.