Strategic Planning & Communications for Transcend Wealth Partners 

Transcend Wealth Partners is a turnkey private family office solution that helps individuals and families preserve, nurture and live their legacy. In many ways, Transcend Wealth Partners has redefined the family office, and the strategic marketing and public relations plan CEL developed and implemented centers on this key point of differentiation. 

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The firm partnered with CEL Marketing PR and Design for an analysis of its market presence and strategic recommendations for refinement. Several key points core to the company’s identity, buyer’s persona and brand assets immediately stood out. Transcend Wealth Partners is women-owned and values-based. And it takes into account family culture, playing an active role in financial training for younger generations as they take on increased responsibilities. 

Content marketing strategy, event sponsorships, advertising, social media and targeted email all work together to tell a more tightly focused, dynamic story for Transcend Wealth Partners. 

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"CEL has been instrumental to us in developing our marketing strategy, keeping us focused on implementation and developing media relations. We have comfort knowing that Cindy and her team are available to us in navigating unchartered waters with us and getting things done!"

– Cynthia Calderon, Partner, Transcend Wealth Partners