Marketing to Build Tomorrow’s Team

Today, successful school employee recruitment efforts extend beyond traditional avenues, encompassing a blend of compelling storytelling, digital prowess, and visually captivating print materials. Online platforms serve as powerful tools for reaching a wide audience, where engaging narratives and multimedia content showcase the unique culture and opportunities within a school district. From captivating social media campaigns that highlight the impact of educators to interactive virtual tours of schools, the digital realm offers boundless opportunities for storytelling and connection. Print materials remain a tangible cornerstone, with meticulously crafted brochures, posters, and newsletters serving as impactful touchpoints for prospective candidates. By leveraging both online and print mediums to spotlight the achievements and contributions of current teachers, staff and the organization, schools can authentically convey their commitment to fostering growth and innovation.

A welcoming, inspiring billboard recruiting for Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8, reading "Welcome Home to Your New Career."

Message to Connect

We believe in authenticity in advertising. You recruit people who believe in your mission by telling your authentic story and sharing your organizational values.

Facing nationwide staffing shortages and a highly mobile military community, Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 (FFC8) sought to compete for high-quality employees in a competitive environment. They understood their community and the importance of resonating with the hearts and minds of potential employees, which is why they chose to work with CEL to create the career recruitment campaign, ‘Today’s Mission: Love Your Job’. The campaign also challenged potential employees only to apply if they were ready to accept the mission — a challenge familiar to many military affiliates.

An employee recruitment brochure for Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 reading "No Matter What You Do, WE NEED YOU!"
An employee recruitment brochure for Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8. The brochure is colorful, has great photos of staff, and the top is die-cut like the mountains ringing FFC8.
nspra publications and digital media award of excellence marketing publciations

The campaign exceeded expectations by receiving an NSPRA Award for Publications & Digital Media and a COSPRA Award of Excellence for Marketing Materials. It also helped to fill positions that were otherwise struggling to find qualified, excited candidates who have now accepted the mission of Loving the Job!

Osseo Area Schools Career Website offering valuable details for prospective employees like life @ 279, surrounding community amenities, and more.

When you’re a member of a larger community, such as ISD 279 – Osseo Area Schools, extending invitations for visitors to play, shop and dine within those communities can significantly enhance your employee recruitment endeavors. By showcasing professional opportunities within your district and the authentic lifestyle and amenities surrounding it, you increase your sphere of recruitment—it’s not just a job; it’s a place to call home.

When you think about virtual campus tours, it’s often associated with student enrollment campaigns. However, this glimpse into your classrooms, bustling with creativity, should be a significant part of your teacher recruitment efforts, Your website is not merely a page; it’s a portal to possibility, purpose and passion.

By showcasing the benefits of joining your district, we can ignite the interest of talented educators who are seeking more than just a job, but an opportunity to make a real difference. Harness the power of digital storytelling to highlight your vibrant culture, supportive community, and professional growth opportunities that await prospective teachers within your district.

Create a Digital Home

Your website serves as more than just a static employment page; it’s a dynamic hub that embodies the spirit and values of your communities. The landing page is a digital gateway inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the heart of your organization.

At Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8, they are greeted not only with job listings but also with vibrant stories that showcase the district, highlighting the achievements of students and staff alike. Through compelling multimedia content, interactive features, and testimonials from passionate educators, the website bridges the gap between online visitors and the vibrant community we represent. It’s not just about finding a job; it’s about becoming part of a community where every individual is valued, supported, and empowered to thrive. Welcome to Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 – where today’s mission is to love your job!

Recruitment postcards for Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8, reading "We love our staff" and "discover your next adventure at FFC8"
ffc8 website

Partnering for Impact

Forging meaningful connections with local colleges and higher education institutions that serve as feeder programs for your recruitment efforts. By cultivating strong partnerships, you tap into a pool of talented individuals who are passionate about education. Additionally, you can foster a pipeline of future educators who align with your district’s values and vision.

Or, take inspiration from Educate Kansas and partner with local districts to share resources and collaboratively elevate the profession of teaching.

educate kansas billboard
Educate Kansas Infographic showing teaching statistics


Educate Kansas is a dedicated state organization on a mission to revolutionize teacher recruitment in Kansas. By turning would-be competitors into resource-sharing collaborations, they’re connecting passionate educators with rewarding opportunities and reshaping the state’s education landscape.

Their vision is bold: to increase the number of new teachers, raise awareness of the profound benefits of the teaching profession, and foster a culture that celebrates the noble “why” behind teaching. With a focus on positioning Kansas as a welcoming and supportive environment for educators, they strive to become a beacon of excellence in teacher recruitment and retention.

In collaboration with Educate Kansas stakeholders and education professionals, we crafted a comprehensive phase one toolkit for teacher awareness. Dubbed the #Inspired2Teach campaign, this initiative encompasses a myriad of elements, ranging from impactful press releases to vibrant social media graphics, captivating billboards to engaging radio and video scripts and beyond.

Four forward-thinking school districts joined forces with Educate Kansas to pilot the #Inspired2Teach campaign, marking a paradigm shift. These would-be competitors pooled their resources and expertise, working toward a shared goal of ensuring every student receives the highest quality education possible.

Educate Kansas pop-up banner design

"Educate Kansas is honored to lead the pioneer work in Kansas to elevate the education profession! Our partnership with CEL has launched a truly grass roots effort in unifying Kansas educational influencers toward the shared vision of educator recruitment for our state. The experience has been truly remarkable and we are excited about the momentum this effort has created. We look forward to continued strategic partnerships as it truly takes the work of everyone to move this initiative forward."

Cris Seidel, director, educate kansas

Overcome Common Staffing Challenges

Like most districts, Reading School District faced a significant challenge following the pandemic: attracting qualified personnel amid a nationwide labor scarcity. A prevailing sense of low staff morale further complicated recruitment efforts.

In response, we partnered with Reading to craft a recruitment and retention strategy. Employee recognition, targeted support staff hiring campaigns, and better onboarding protocols bolster retention. We tailored hiring campaigns to pinpoint specific support positions—such as cafeteria workers, security officers, paraprofessionals, and transportation staff. Messaging capitalized on the shared values among Reading School District employees: an unwavering commitment to uplift their community. Leveraging the pride that residents harbor for their city and their profound connection to their community proved pivotal in our recruitment and retention endeavors. Moreover, six years ahead of Pennsylvania’s plan to achieve $15.00 per hour wages by 2028, the Reading School District ratified new collective bargaining agreements in 2022.  Both Food Services and Paraprofessionals agreements raised all existing and initial pay rates to at least $15 per hour — more than twice the state’s minimum wage of $7.25.

Reading’s commitment to staff is displayed in both words and actions. Stories showcased achievements in family and staff newsletters and on the website. Additionally, monthly web features highlighted the impactful stories of individuals driving positive change within the Reading community.

A digital banner or ad for Reading School District, showcasing students. Text reads "Help us learn while you earn!"
Hiring flyers for Reading School District. The flyers highlight upcoming career fairs, in both english and spanish.

Takeaway: A good hiring and recruitment strategy pairs best with a robust onboarding and retention plan. 

Creating impactful recruitment campaigns is about more than posting a job description. Designing strategies based on data-driven insights, compelling messaging, and innovative approaches, we’ve helped organizations attract top talent and build retention strategies that work.

Ready to elevate your recruitment efforts and attract the best candidates? Let’s collaborate to create tailored campaigns that resonate with your target audiences and fulfill your staffing needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to achieve your recruitment goals!