Branding as a Bridge

At CEL Marketing PR Design, our forte lies in crafting captivating brand identities that resonate with the essence of a project. Our journey with General Capital Group led us to the task of creating brand identities that seamlessly intertwine the rich history of Berkshire properties with a contemporary vision.

Berkshire at the Grove letterhead, folder, business card and envelope

Berkshire at the Grove

Nestled within The Convent’s hallowed grounds in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Berkshire at the Grove stands as an exceptional 85-unit affordable senior and family housing development. For over a century, The Sisters of St. Joseph faithfully cared for the awe-inspiring 40-acre property. When the time came for them to relocate, they were pleased to entrust the property to a development company dedicated to preserving its heritage and delivering essential affordable housing to the community.

General Capital Group’s project embodies a profound commitment to preserving the past while embracing the future. We began the work by developing branding for the Stevens Point neighborhood, developing a natural color palette and design inspired by the beloved grove of trees on the property. 

The Grove of Stevens Point logo
Berkshire at the Grove logo
Chapel at the Grove Logo

Our branding concept for Berkshire at the Grove draws inspiration from the exquisite stained glass windows of the convent. These windows, adorned with vibrant colors and intricate designs, served as the muse for a brand identity that acknowledges the property’s heritage while infusing a modern touch. 

To honor the legacy of original Berkshire properties, which often featured wheat stalks in their branding, we integrated this iconic element into our logo. The resulting branding not only harmonizes with the neighborhood logo of Stevens Point and prior Berkshire properties, but also evokes the beauty of the convent’s stained glass panels.

The result is a brand identity that encapsulates the essence of this beautiful enclave, featuring a grove of trees, lush forest wetland trails, and preserved prairie lands. This holistic approach not only ensures inclusivity but also resonates with the natural serenity of the property and its surroundings.

Additionally, we crafted a complementary logo for the Chapel at the Grove, striking a harmonious balance between the neighborhood and residential branding.

Collectively, these three logos seamlessly complement each other, establishing a consistent brand identity for the neighborhood. Moreover, they collectively pay homage to the historical structures, the serene grove, and the property’s rich history.

We extended our commitment to preserving the property’s history by creating templates for historical plaques. These plaques are designed to tell the stories of the property, its legacy, and the Sisters of St. Joseph, ensuring that the rich history remains an integral part of the community’s identity.

Berkshire at the Grove offers residents a living space artfully wrapped in historic charm and firmly rooted in a rich legacy. This brand identity speaks to the delicate balance between preserving the past and embracing the future, just as the development itself embodies this harmonious blend.

History of the Grove sign

“We initially contacted CEL after seeing some of the most exceptional and professional work they created for one of our development partners. It was simplistic, high-quality, and left a lasting impression. We were so impressed that we had to have CEL on our next project. Our ongoing professional relationship with the entire CEL team has only reinforced our belief that they are indeed the best in the business, not just in their work but also in their communication and delivery. We deeply value and appreciate them and wholeheartedly recommend the CEL team to everyone.”

~Carmello Maddente, Vice President
Carmello Maddente Headshot


Our next adventure with General Capital Group was to The Village of Ashwaubenon, a suburb of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Ashwaubenon is a place where tranquil lakes, enchanting botanical gardens, and wildlife sanctuaries coexist harmoniously with a vibrant downtown that seamlessly fuses history, tradition, and modern conveniences.

As part of the Berkshire family, the Ashwaubenon property uses a nearly identical logo but with a twist—the same natural elements, colors and patterns, but by removing the upper arch we converted the stained glass image into a fresh version of the logo for the new property.

Berkshire Ashwaubenon booklet first page mockup
Berkshire-Ashwaubenon logo
Berkshire Ashwaubenon Brochure Spread with lake image

Berkshire—Ashwaubenon is more than just a community; it’s a brand that celebrates active, independent living for individuals aged 55 and better. Our brand identity captures the essence of comfort paired with convenience. In the backyard of this property lies Lambeau Field, home to the Green Bay Packers football team.

We pay homage to the rich history of Lambeau Field by incorporating its iconic historical photography into our brand design, bringing excitement and energy to the residential property. 

This is a brand identity where the past and present unite and where Lambeau Field’s history as a cultural cornerstone is honored as an integral part of the experience.

Wall graphic with historic Packers photo
Pattern wall graphic above coffee bar

These brands inspire, honor, and excite, connecting people to the stories of the land they live on, and the legacy they are creating. They serve as powerful reminders that branding is not merely a logo or a name but a bridge, linking history and modernity, and provides a living narrative that’s creative, effective, and lasting.

Front and back of Berkshire sell sheet