Sam Eide CEL Designer

Samantha Eide

Graphic Designer

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Sam believes that good design makes positive changes — for the client and for the community as a whole. This Iowa State University College of Design graduate has a passion for creating designs that marry stunning visuals with effective and lasting content.

Her professional experiences and classroom work have spanned many industries, and Sam has been recognized for her quick ability to understand client needs and to meet them with quality design. She is excited to put her knowledge to work for CEL clients and to continue to grow as a professional.


When she’s not busy at work, Sam’s busy in life. Her close-knit family enjoys shared experiences, which have led them to places such as Paris, Hawaii and Norway. When they’re not in exotic locales, Sam and her family relax together in their cabin in Northern Minnesota. Sam hasn’t yet figured out how to do design work while boating or floating on the water, but it’s a future goal.


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A former competitive speedskater, Sam has traveled the country and met some of the best speedskaters in the world.