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Andrew A. Hagen

(An-droo HAY-gun)

Integrated Communications Coordinator

☕ Coffee Aficionado   |   🐕‍🦺 Dog Dad   |   🎨🌈 Color Coder

Meet Andrew A. Hagen, Integrated Communications Coordinator, who brings a meticulous approach to every project. With a love for organization, color coding, and efficiency, Andrew ensures that every detail is strategically important, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence.

With a wealth of experience across education, nonprofit and government sectors, Andrew excels at transforming cluttered websites into streamlined and visually appealing platforms. His focus is on showcasing people, values, and information in an effective and engaging manner, resulting in impactful online experiences. His commitment to accessibility and equity drives him to create inclusive digital experiences that prioritize user engagement for all.

Andrew’s expertise lies in seamlessly blending functionality with storytelling to drive strategic goals forward. His gift of breaking down complex concepts and demystifying complex subject matter fosters a sense of empowerment within clients. By providing them with the tools, knowledge, and guidance they need, Andrew ensures that clients feel equipped to navigate technology confidently. His dedication to knowledge sharing and capacity building creates a collaborative environment that encourages clients to become active participants in their own growth and understanding.

With the ever-increasing need for integrated communications, Andrew recognizes the challenges organizations face in adapting to change and breaking ingrained habits. As an advocate for innovation and strategic thinking, he helps clients overcome obstacles and discover their unique value proposition.

Experience the power of seamless communication and compelling storytelling with Andrew as your Integrated Communications Coordinator. Together, create a digital presence that captivates, informs, and drives meaningful connections with your audience.