kelly may in office
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Kelly May

(KEL-ee MAY)

Design Director

🐾 Animal Lover   |   🌿 Nature Nerd   |   🐶 Dog Mom

Meet Kelly, our talented Design Director who brings brands to life with her keen eye for detail and passion for crafting captivating brand aesthetics. With Kelly on your team, you gain a creative visionary who understands the profound impact of brand consistency in resonating with your target audience.

Kelly’s expertise lies in defining the essence of a brand, understanding that it extends far beyond a mere logo. From visual identity to descriptive language, internal culture to social media portrayal, she knows every aspect contributes to a brand’s perception and recognition. Her exceptional talent is translating the core essence of a brand into visually stunning and emotionally resonant designs.

With a deep understanding of both digital and print media, Kelly excels in creating visual experiences that leave a lasting impact. And with a deep commitment to inclusivity, Kelly believes in crafting functional experiences that cater to all users. By prioritizing accessibility, she seamlessly combines aesthetics and usability, delivering designs that are not only visually appealing but also practical and user-friendly for all individuals.

Kelly’s approach to design is a harmonious blend of tradition and trends. By staying attuned to the latest design currents while ensuring the longevity of her creations, she strikes the perfect balance to create enduring brand aesthetics. She brings an unparalleled level of diligence, drive, and attention to design detail to every project she undertakes. 

Unleash the power of captivating design and elevate your brand to new heights with Kelly as your creative guide. Experience the seamless fusion of artistry and strategy that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.