anna ingemann
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Anna Ingemann

(AN-nuh ING-uh-men)

Integrated Marketing Specialist

💡🧩 ENFP   |   🛣🚙 Road Trip Fanatic   |   🌶️🔥 Hot Sauce Connoisseur

Meet Anna Ingemann, a versatile and creative integrated marketing specialist and graphic designer. With an eye for detail and a talent for brainstorming creative ideas, Anna excels at finding new ways to capture the essence of a brand.

Anna’s ability to honor tradition while infusing fresh perspectives has earned her a creative and practical reputation. Her talent lies in striking the perfect balance between innovation and respect for established brand elements. Whether it’s incorporating brand standards with a fresh perspective, designing marketing collateral, or refreshing a website,  Anna’s creative solutions capture audiences and help brands stand out in the competitive marketplace.

With a passion for both creativity and functionality, Anna understands the importance of creating materials that can be easily replicated and edited by clients, empowering them to maintain consistency and flexibility in their brand. She takes pride in ensuring that clients feel comfortable and confident in utilizing the artwork and messaging that has been created for them. From brainstorming to final execution, Anna’s expertise lies in refining ideas and delivering work that exceeds expectations.

Anna fosters a collaborative and client-centric approach. She actively listens to client needs, collaborates closely to understand their vision, and translates their ideas into messages and designs that effectively communicate brand messages. Her dedication to delivering high-quality work and her commitment to client satisfaction have earned her the trust and loyalty of clients.

With Anna on your side, you’ll receive valuable inspiration and brand consistency through print, digital, and social media marketing. Her expertise and passion will elevate your brand presence and leave a lasting impact on your target audience.