Karen Droen
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Karen Droen

(kar-en droh-en)

Finance Director

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Meet Karen Droen. As Finance Director, Karen efficiently manages the daily administrative operations and financial aspects of CEL. With 18 years of experience in consumer and mortgage banking, she is well-versed in supporting the financial stability of the company.

Karen’s dedication to customer satisfaction serves both internal employees and clients well. She warmly welcomes and effectively onboards new employees, playing a vital role in ensuring their wellbeing and success. Karen’s focus on creating a healthy work environment that fosters collaboration and teamwork ensures the protection and welfare of employees.

Karen brings a fresh perspective and empathetic approach to her role, which provides her with a unique understanding of how to support a modern workforce and meet the needs of both her team and the organization. In challenging times, such as the pandemic, Karen skillfully managed transitions and embraced remote work, prioritizing the well-being of CEL employees while fostering a cohesive team dynamic.

An invaluable member of the team, Karen’s meticulous attention to detail, extensive banking experience, and exceptional organizational skills serve CEL well. Her positive attitude, customer-centric approach, and strategic decision-making contribute to a thriving work environment where employees feel supported and valued.