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Katie Fuller

(KAY-tee FUL-er)

Digital Strategist

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Meet Katie Fuller, a results-driven Digital Strategist with a passion for the intersection of content and data. She knows that creating great websites and compelling content is only half the battle; the true measure of success lies in engaging your audience. She recognizes that the most crucial work often happens behind the scenes and eagerly helps clients gain insights into the inner workings of their digital presence.

Drawing on her degree in philosophy, Katie sees the world as intricately connected. With her efficient and effective approach, Katie guides clients through processes and empowers them to understand the reasoning and motivation behind strategic decisions. She helps clients identify tasks that propel their work forward, streamline processes that can be delegated, and eliminate unnecessary elements that hinder progress. By applying her “do it, delegate it, or drop it” strategy, Katie enables clients to focus their efforts on what truly matters.

As a seasoned digital marketing strategist, she possesses a deep understanding of targeting and engaging key audiences in today’s digital landscape. Katie assists clients in developing robust websites and executing organic and paid strategies, including Google Ad campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media ads, retargeting, and Connected TV (CTV) advertising. She is a certified Google AdWords Analyst and has achieved certification through the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO Institute).

Katie excels in process management and data analysis. She is adept in data tracking and spreadsheet development, organizing and streamlining complex information into actionable data. Katie’s eye for detail and her ability to create efficient workflows enables her to guide clients through processes smoothly and effectively. Her expertise in process optimization and her knack for harnessing the power of data make her an invaluable asset in achieving clients’ goals and driving meaningful results.

With her unique blend of analytical thinking, digital marketing acumen, and a natural curiosity for uncovering insights, Katie is poised to help clients achieve their goals and drive their digital strategies forward.