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Katie Fuller

Digital Strategist

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Katie sees the world as powerfully interconnected — a place full of new questions to ask and opportunities to explore. Earning a degree in philosophy helped her learn to ask better questions and seek answers outside the norm.

As a digital marketing strategist, Katie understands how to target and engage key audiences in an ever-increasing digital world. She helps clients develop websites and execute organic and paid strategies including Google Ad campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media ads, retargeting, and CTV. She’s a Google Certified AdWords Analyst and certified through the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO Institute).

A native of North Dakota, Katie calls Minneapolis home. She’s worked as an independent contractor and in new business development for media companies, including KARE 11, hibu and Yellowbook, among others. She also leads group trainings and corporate seminars to educate and sell digital media services to area small & medium sized businesses.

In addition to her bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Katie holds a bachelor of business administration in marketing.


Katie’s flock became fuller in 2021 when she and her husband welcomed their daughter, Remington. Family cat, Charlotte, is still skeptical of the addition; the resident chickens, Florentine and Piccata, seem relatively unaffected.

“Cats, dogs, salamanders, horses, parakeets, hedgehog, gerbils, finches, garter snake, hognose snake, grass snake, painted turtles, snapping turtles, chickens, aquarium full of fish, frogs, toads, tadpoles, raccoons, lizards—she’s owned them all.”