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Tell Your Story… Through Design

When someone asks you about your company, it’s easy to delve into a detailed description of your history and share your key messages, but do you know how to tell your story visually?

A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes the only way you can communicate with your customer is through the visual pieces of your brand – your logo, web images, colors, etc. So, how do you make the most of telling your story through design?

When branding or rebranding your company, it is important to think about your goals. What are you trying to say to your clients? What does your brand represent? At CEL, we use a persona exercise and brainstorming session as part of our proprietary process to help clients develop a new or updated brand. According to Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist Scott Rogers, “It is a fun and intriguing process where the client learns more about their own company than they have ever imagined.”

Once a brand strategy has been developed, we integrate it into the design plan. We utilize images and colors that complement the brand and will appeal to customers in the company’s target market.

After new ownership took the helm of Key West Aloe, the company came to CEL looking to rebrand their recently acquired company. Their main goal was to increase their revenue with a new brand that appealed to their target market. They asked us to develop a design that looked high-end, but also represented the rustic beach feel that Key West offers.

Scott used this description and his understanding of the company’s goals to create a sophisticated design that represents the high-end quality of the product while paying tribute to the relaxing beach of Key West.

Like sharing your written key messages with prospects and customers, telling your story visually is an important part of your brand strategy. When your brand shines through your design, you will attract the right customers.

Published on: August 15, 2013