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Teach an Old Business Card New Tricks, Part II

Last week we discussed the concept of the paperless business card. We mentioned a recent article in the New York Times by Austin Considine that featured the rising trend of exchanging contact information virtually through cell phone applications and QR codes. However, despite the threat of extinction, paper business cards are still around.

Considine provides a few explanations for the continued use of paper business cards and goes on to explain how instead of eliminating business cards, these new technologies are leading to an evolution. People can modernize their business cards to include the best of the past and the future. We recommend simply adding a QR code to your current business card to make this new technology optional. This design will allow you to appease any potential client or collaborator.

The great thing about QR codes is that you can constantly update the material you share on your business cards. Once created, your QR code can link to any site of your choosing. Link it to an established page on your website or create a brand new page just for your code. Either way, you can constantly reinvent the information linked to your QR code. By simply placing your name, number and title on your business card and then including a QR code, you can update your information without having to print new cards. This method may not be paperless, but it will help you save paper and money.

It appears that business cards have learned to evolve to avoid extinction. While their designs may change, paper business cards are still a valuable resource for businesses. We must simply utilize new technologies while using this traditional business practice.

Click here to check out Considine’s full article.

Published on: June 28, 2011