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Keeping Your Social Media Strategy Out of This World

Earth Horizon with UFO or Star

Social media for business is a growing tool that can be implemented right away. Cindy Leines, founder of CEL Public Relations, coined the appropriate term Real Time PR™ for social media because of the immediate results it can produce. July 2 marks World UFO Day, so we want to take you to the Area 51 of social media strategy.

There are some simple basics for keeping your social media campaign a vital part of your online marketing, such as knowing your audience and posting at high engaging times of the day. But how do you maintain your approach once it’s implemented? Here are some easy steps to take to make sure your strategy is effective, and stays that way.

Analyze. Take a look at your analytics to see what content seems to be working and who your audience continues to be. For example, on Facebook, check your “Insights” and take a look at the demographics and your reach over the past month. Is it where you want it to be and are you reaching the people you want to reach?


Get the Timing Right. While creating interesting and engaging content, make sure you are referencing current trending topics. No one wants to read about the Fourth of July in December. Whether you are posting to Facebook, Twitter or a blog, mentioning a hot topic can boost your social media SEO. Google Trends is a great way to stay on top of what people are interested in now.

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Be In the Conversation. Once you post to social media, you shouldn’t stop there. Make sure to set time aside to go back and check on your posts for comments or questions. Responding in a timely manner to your followers can leave an impact on them and make them want to return to your page and engage with you. One example of this is R&B singer Robin Thicke’s Twitter page. After releasing his new album, Thicke asked his followers what they thought and responded to many comments they replied with.

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Don’t let your social media strategy take a nosedive or you’ll see your number of followers go in the same direction. Making time for tasks like these can be a big help in making your online content stand out like a UFO.

Published on: July 2, 2013