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Going Mobile is More than a Trend

The Star Tribune recently released an article reporting a “landmark year” for the mobile world. The report highlighted the high numbers of shoppers who used their smart phones instead of laptops/computers to research and purchase items during the 2010 holiday season. The number was based on a report from PayPal, who saw a “279 percent increase in payments made with smart phones and other mobile devices over the last year.”

Social Media Administrator Chelsea Janke sees the smart phone surge as an excellent opportunity for small to mid-size businesses to reach a larger market. “People are becoming so integrated with their smart phones today that it’s giving businesses a whole new advantage,” said Janke. “It’s all about accessibility. Buyers can research, compare and purchase in minutes from almost any location when using a smart phone. Small businesses now have a world market if they sell products or services online. The quickness and convenience of simply charging your credit card makes it even more convenient and appealing for consumers.”

Is it time for you to change the way you reach your prospective clients?

Published on: January 10, 2011