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Don’t Get Hung Up On Apple!

According to an article posted by Techland of Time Magazine, the winner of Apple‘s 10 billionth app download promotion hung up on the person who was calling to congratulate her on downloading Apple’s 10 billionth app and winning a $10,000 iTunes gift certificate.

Would you believe it if Apple called you?

Winner Gail Davis said she hung up because neither she nor her husband have iPods that are capable of downloading apps, which made her believe  it was a prank call. It just so happened that Davis hung up on the Vice President of iTunes, Eddy Cue. Luckily, Davis’ 14 and 17-year-old daughters had been the ones to download an app to their mother’s account and assured her that it was no prank call.

Not long after Davis was convinced that she had initially received a legitimate call, another Apple employee called her back. The article states that Davis accepted the gift certificate and looks forward to using it to download many apps in the future.

Published on: January 25, 2011