Navigating School Communications in a Politically Charged Era

Thank you for joining us on Thursday, April 28 for School PR Day 2022! We hope you enjoyed our presentation. Our speakers Janet Swiecichowski, APR and Chelsea Janke are available to answer questions that we were not able to get to. Feel free to contact either of them.

Did you miss our session? Take a look! (Note: You will need a login so if you are not registered go to to get your access code.)

School Districts Referenced in Presentation

Other Resources

  • A Search for Common Ground by Frederick Hess and Pedro Noguera
  • Uncommon Ground Podcast by Van Jones
  • With the People by Kettering Foundation
  • by Jim Lukaszewski, APR
  • Culture Shock Joanna Massey (TedTalk Video 14:22 min)

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