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Happy School Communicators Day! Here is your school PR magic kit!

We’re proud to celebrate you—the unsung hero (some might say magician) in your district. 

As a school PR pro, you make magic every day for countless students, families and staff. While the past 2+ years have not been easy, you’ve remained steadfast in your commitment to your stakeholders and the school public relations profession. 

And for that, we say thanks.

Here’s to a magical last month of school! You got this, School PR Magic Maker 🪄

With gratitude, the CEL Magic-Making Team

Your School PR Magic Kit

As a small token of our appreciation for you, we’ve created a🌟School PR Digital Magic Kit🌟 where you can download some graphics to celebrate the fun days and inspire you on the tougher days. ⬇️

Defy a Little Gravity

Looking to rock out as you work? Give our magic-themed playlist on Spotify a listen!



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