Branding to Connect, Empower and Grow Your Schools

Launching a new virtual school in a crowded market—Fox Valley Virtual School (WI) is a free online public charter school governed by Menasha Joint Unified School District. Serving Wisconsin students and families from 4K to 8th grade, they aim to empower students to explore their personalized learning journey in a safe, trusted environment. 

As a new offering competing in the growing world of online schools, Fox Valley Virtual needed to:

• Develop a cohesive, comprehensive brand
• Establish themselves as a preferred online school option for Wisconsin families
• Build a community of learners
• Build a strong group of school ambassadors among parents and staff

national school public relations association publications and digital media excellence award 2023 branding / image package
brand guidelines pages for fox valley virtual school

Crafting a Brand Identity for Environmental Growth

The Fox Valley Virtual School logo established a brand identity rooted in nature and environmental learning—distinctive in online education. It celebrates the benefits of online learning and integrated technology. The logo design is a branching tree that depicts the many connections throughout the school community. Reminiscent of a circuit board, the leaf drawings form a connection between technology and ecologically focused learning.

Partnering with CEL Marketing PR Design, Fox Valley Virtual School created a lasting brand to Connect. Empower. Grow Key messages include:

• Where your online teacher knows your name
• A community of curious, environmentally conscious learners
• Family flexibility while teachers teach
• Tuition-free, online public school
• Fox Valley persona: wholesome, organic, nature-focused, nurturing.

logo rotation for fox valley virtual school

"The leaves within the logo were designed to represent individualized learning and growth for each student."

connect. empower, grow.


A vibrant, carefully coordinated color palette brings to life the brand identity system for Fox Valley Virtual School with a playful and energetic look for elementary families. Two colors within the palette (bluejay and sky) connect to chartering organization, Menasha Joint Unified School District, to create cohesion.


Fox Valley Virtual School patterns combine mathematic numbers, technology symbols, and organic elements for nature (trees, branches, leaves, water, and sky). Nature photography and additional textures uniquely distinguish this school from other online options. The rough edges of the shapes are intentionally imperfect and symbolize creativity and learning in an organic, natural environment where students can grow, explore, ask questions — and even get a little messy occasionally.

Take a peek at the slide deck template created for Fox Valley Virtual School.

billboard welcoming curious online learners apply now


Website accessibility was key in selecting brand colors and fonts. The fonts are modern and approachable. Rounded corners on the main headline font are friendly and familiar to families of younger students.

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flyer for fox valley virtual calling all environmentally conscious learners

Brand Awareness – Found by Google

Fox Valley Virtual School needed an accessible, responsive website that cohesively fit into the brand. Implementing the brand elements across the website created a friendly, straightforward and welcoming experience for prospective and current families. Additionally, the blend of technology and nature gave Fox Valley Virtual an individualized identity that allows it to stand out from the competition. Photography across the website showcases real families, highlighting Fox Valley as a vibrant community where students can be themselves and develop confidence, curiosity, and a life-long love of learning.

fox valley virtual school website mockup on desktop, phone and tablet