School Branding of Robbinsdale Virtual Academy

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Robbinsdale Area Schools had plans to provide an online learning academy to retain students and families seeking that option. They had the staff, curriculum and talent, but no marketing plan. They turned to CEL to help them to create an effective and lasting brand. Keeping it tied to the district brand, the Robbinsdale Virtual Academy emerged. While the name was simple and to the point, the imagery and brand assets are eye-catching. A digital marketing campaign, “Flip the script on high school,”  played off the popular TikTok meme. Pulling emotional testimonials from first-year students kept the focus on building a community in a non-traditional way.

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Web & Content Creation

A clean, concise website was needed, and it needed to launch for enrollment marketing a month before the district website redesign was scheduled to go live. Our web team knew how to make that happen (and still launch the district and schools on time). Creating the subdomain to stay in line with other schools within the district, we rolled out a student-centric site that gives a look inside the classes before making the commitment to enroll.

An interactive class catalog allows students and their families to filter by topic and then read more about each class. When you are ready to enroll, just click that “Enroll” button consistently at the top of your screen, and you will be able to fill out a simple form to get started.

We’ve never seen a T & L team so happy! Enrollments exceeded expectations and the District was able to reattract students who previously enrolled with other online providers.

Robbinsdale Virtual Academy website course guide animation

Enrollment exceeded our goal 183%!

The Robbinsdale Virtual Academy won the 2022 NSPRA Excellence Award for Video (produced with outside contract).

Brand and Marketing by CEL Marketing PR Design
Direction by Robbinsdale Communications Team
Animation by Captivate Media + Consulting

national school public relations association publications and digital media excellence award 2022