Engaging New Audiences for Vitals™ Aware Services

Vitals™ Aware Services started with strong business-to-business outreach to municipalities and emergency first responders as a simple, powerful solution for protecting the most vulnerable children and adults. As opportunities emerged to connect directly with consumer audiences and build on new working relationships with 911 services, Vitals™ Aware Services partnered with CEL Marketing PR Design to establish an even stronger, more dynamic brand presence at the national level.

there when you can't be

The brand expansion CEL developed included the full range of visual and verbal communications, from a new identity system to key messages and search-optimized content. All elements focused on raising awareness and building trust for The Vitals™ App subscription service. More heartfelt, authentic photography conveyed warmth and humanity while new art elements and patterns reinforced the brand logo. A deeper, darker blue added to the color palette suggested safety and peace of mind, even in moments of potential crisis.

vitals aware services logo
elderly people vitals aware services
Vitals Aware mobile app preview
vitals billboard above Mayo Clinic
there when you can't be